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We use all the latest training techniques!


Earn and Learn! Interviewing for Working Student Position!

Interviewing for working students to work, train, ride, compete, and learn in our yard. Ride a variety of horses, learn to lunge, long line, condition, feed, ride all phases- the whole eventing life with Sleeper Eventing.

Great help on a gorgeous day at Fairhill International HT! Thank you Alyssa Conlin, Ardelle Buck, and Emily Schmidt for your terrific help with our seven horses!! Caught on tape!


Alyssa Conlin and Ardelle Buck with UK at Fairhill International HT 2014

Emily S & CDL

Emily Schmidt with Claire de Lune at Fairhill International HT 2014

Come be part of our team as we help you with your goals- riding, horse management, veterinary, fitness for both horse & rider —all of the right stuff. Write down your goals and we'll help you reach them.

Students @ FHI
Team UN in action in this photo of UN finishing FHI CCI*** fall 2010 where she placed 9th overall and won the Fitness Award!

We have a Chester County PA farm with great hills, hacking, and turn out. You'll share a house and your horse will share a lovely barn. We have an active summer working student program and a super winter program with time spent in Aiken, SC for some sunny weather and good competing! And we can cross country school almost every day! What an education. Please contact Jane via email or call 610-857-2514. Click here to download a Working Student application.


Cross country schooling with two good working students! Ardelle Buck, shown above, riding Odin and Lianne Avril on the famous Kicken Kris.



Briana in Costume!

Briana Hampton & Lego as Indian & Paint Pony at Plantation Field Starter HT in Halloween Costume!



Past Summer Students

To view photos and notes of past students click here.

Jane, Julia Glovickzki and Marsha Zebley
at the Stuart Ht in Summer 2004.